The Problems

Provable & Authentifiable Digital Assets

Digital Assets are tough to authenticate and their physical counterparts are easy to manipulate and forge.

Fake Certificates/ID Cards

  • Forgery of physical document is common and easy to execute

Storage Issues

  • Storage and maintenance costs for universities is high
  • Users tend to misplace physical documents

Limited Verifiability

  • Physical Verification is difficult and expensive to execute
  • Asset based verification ( attendance, entry, etc ) is manual and is not provable
The Solution

Blockchain & NFT Based Certificates & Documents

Provable & Authentifiable Digital Assets
Tokenize any documents in the form of NFTs

Impervious Security

  • Image +Metadata stored directly on Blockchain
  • 100% Transparency
  • SHA-256 Encryption

Dual Verification Infrastructure

  • File Based Hash Encryption Verification
  • Visual Blockchain Based Verification

Flexible & Portable

  • Easy Portability to other Blockchains
  • QR Code & Digital Document outputs for Verification Flexibility
Veracious Engine

How the Engine Works

Issuing Authority

  • Issuers Use The Technology To Issue Certificates, Marksheets, ID Cards, etc

Two Outputs For Each Issue Made On The Engine

  • Digital Document ( Verifiable )
  • QR Code ( For Physical Verification )

Variable Use Cases for Each Form of Output

  • Digital Document
    – Verification Portal Built for Clients on Their Domains
    – Simple Drag & Drop Verification for Employers, Universities, Colleges & Other Entities
  • QR Code
    – QR Codes Directly Printed Onto Physical Document Counterparts
    – Usable for Physical Certificates, Marksheets, Transcripts, ID Cards etc
    – Opening of QR Code shows Image + Metadata on the Blockchain
Client Testimonials
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