SeQR Document

Issue Blockchain Secured Tamper-proof Documents & Certificates which are Immutable, Instantly Verifiable & Shareable

Blockchain & NFT Based Certificates & Documents Using SeQR Doc Blockchain, create Blockchain secured Digital Records & Documents that are –
Time Stamped
Tamper Proof
Instantly and Independently Verifiable Records
The Problems
Provable & Authentifiable Digital Assets

Digital Assets are tough to authenticate and their physical counterparts are easy to manipulate and forge.

Fake Documents / ID Cards

Forgery of physical document is common and easy to execute

Limited Verifiability

Physical Verification is difficult and expensive to execute
Asset based verification is manual and is not provable

Storage Issues

Storage and maintenance costs for organizations is high
Users tend to misplace physical documents
The Solution
Blockchain & NFT Based Certificates & Documents

Tokenize any documents in the form of NFTs
Verify Authenticity against a Dual Verification System Built Fully Inhouse on Ethereum based Polygon-Matic with a 100% accuracy rate.

Impervious Security

Image + Metadata stored directly on Blockchain
100% Transparency
SHA-256 Encryption

Dual Verification Infrastructure

File Based Hash Encryption Verification
Visual Blockchain Based Verification

Flexible & Portable

Easy Portability to other Blockchains
QR Code & Digital Document outputs for Verification Flexibility
Veracious Engine
How the Engine Works

Issuing Authority

Issuers Use The Technology To Issue Certificates, Marksheets, ID Cards, etc

Two Outputs For Each Issue Made On The Engine

Digital Document (Verifiable)
QR Code (For Physical Verification)

Variable Use Cases for Each Form of Output

Digital Document
  • Verification Portal Built for Clients on Their Domains
  • Simple Drag & Drop Verification
QR Code
  • QR Codes Directly Printed Onto Physical Document Counterparts
  • Usable for Physical Documents
  • Opening of QR Code shows Image + Metadata on the Blockchain
Client Testimonials
Nothing less than 100% client satisfaction
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