SeQR Doc Software

Generate Highly Secured & Instantly Verifiable Digital eDocuments & Printed Documents within your organization
No need to share data with anyone outside of your organization.

We provide an end-to-end service to Governments, Educational Institutes, Banks, Insurance Companies & Corporates by supplying –
SeQR Doc software (Patented)
Security Inks
Secured Stationery

Forgery, Tampering & Counterfeiting of Valuable & Important Documents with 7 Layers of Security

What is SeQR Doc ?
SeQR Doc is the next generation document security tool. It's patented too.
It’s a safeguard for your important documents against the frauds corresponding to forgery, counterfeiting and tampering.
It enables organizations to create, print & send secure documents using a simple self service facility within their premises. No need to share data outside your organization.
SeQR Doc provides validation & verification from anywhere in the world.
Our combined service of Paper Security, Design Security, Data Security, Print Security & Secure Online Verification makes SeQR Doc a must have tool for organizations.
Our Purpose
Document fraud prevention
Ensuring document security in paper & digital format
Document validation & compliance through online verification
Uphold integrity, build trust & protect reputation of an organization
Applications of SeQR Doc
Government Education Corporations Banking & Insurance
Birth / Death / Marriage Certificate Degree Certificates Brand Protection Cheque
Business Licenses / Trade Permits Examination Mark sheets Corporate Contracts Bank Drafts
Title of Ownerships / Deeds / Land Records ID Cards Financial & Service Agreements Fixed Deposit Receipts
Entry Visas / Temporary Passports Leaving Certificate Legal Documents Balance Certificate
Identity Documents Migration Certificate Manufacturing Docs Solvency Certificate
Vehicle Registration Question Papers Product Certificates Account Statements
Voter Registration OMR Forms Laboratory Test Reports Insurance Policies & Claims
Parking Permits   Employee IDs Insurance Certificates
Tax Certificates   Salary Slips Premium Payment Receipts
Customs & Ports / Shipping Documents   Offer / Relieving / Experience Letter  
Securing Data

SeQR Doc software converts data into security features and generates highly secure files for printing and digital cloud storage. Using SeQR Doc any combination of variable data can be converted into different security elements.

Encrypted QR Code

Se-QR Code enables digital verification with a smartphone to quickly confirm the authenticity of a document. Our proprietary QR code is encrypted, via a hashed algorithm, which prevents unauthorized users from scanning the code and makes counterfeiting impossible.

Regular QR Code

This QR code can be read by any QR reader and can display a set of information from personalized data of issuing authority and document holder.

Track & Trace Barcode

Our secured barcode contains data regarding the printing history of the document.

Personalized Invisible UV Text

Strengthen copy prevention with Personalized Invisible UV Text. Any combination of personalized data can be printed with security UV inks.

Personalized Invisible UV Image

Similar to text, add personalized invisible UV image of the document holder on each of the documents.

Personalized Watermark Security Line

Watermark security line is a unique way of printing variable personalized data. Data is printed diagonally across the document or on selected parts. This anti-tampering watermark helps to easily verify a document’s authenticity.

Variable Ghost Image

This feature creates an additional layer of security by placing variable text in coded structure so that it can only be visible under a filter.

Variable Micro Text

This feature provides secondary means to verify a document’s authenticity by injecting variable data into traditional Micro Lines.

Data stored in ISO certified Data Centers with regulatory compliance.

Secured cloud platform with 256bit SSL and hashed encryption algorithm.

Documents are stored digitally and available to authorized people 24×7.

Online, Quick & Reliable verification of documents after authentication can be enabled using Secured Depository.

Disaster recovery and backup enabled.

Mobile & Web App for Verification

Along with SeQR Doc software, we provide verification tools using android and ios mobile apps and a web app to be linked to the website of that organization.

Data verification through Encrypted QR Code with Private Key

Encrypted QR code can be read only through the organization’s mobile app by registered users. It enables quick digital verification and prevents unauthorized users from scanning the code and makes counterfeiting impossible.

Track & Trace through DNA Barcode

DNA barcode enables tracking & traceability for internal audit purposes. It contains important information about each print job including who, when and where a document was printed.

Entering Serial Number or Identification Number

Online verification can also be done on the website by entering a unique identifier number.

Online Payment for Verification

If an organization wants to charge for verification then it can be easily enabled by integrating payment gateway.

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