SeQR Loyalty
Purpose : To Increase & Reward Loyalty of Channel Partners, Influencers & Customers

Loyalty Program for Companies in

Branded Retail Outlets
What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a technique to entice customers buying behavior, where a customer is making frequent purchases with a brand or business. When customers make a purchase, they earn some kinds of rewards. It is a marketing strategy to attract and retain more brand loyal customers.

Gather valuable customers’ data and insights
Customer Retention
Engage customers and build relationships
Boost sales and increase revenue
Improve brand reputation
Own the data on your customer’s buying journey
Shows customers appreciation
Get ahead of competitors
Our Solution Covers
Channel / Trade / B2B Loyalty Program
Influencer Loyalty / Incentive Program
We have developed a customized solution for coupons, vouchers & wads with mobile & web based loyalty rewards redemption & tracking
This solution lets companies run Cashback based or Free-of-Cost product based loyalty programs.
End to End Customer Engagement & Rewarding
Loyalty Points
Direct Cash Transfer
Promotional Products/Gifts
  • Coupons need not physically travel back to the manufacturer for validation. 
  • Instant verification & validation reduces turn around time to redeem the value.
  • Encrypted QR code ensures that no extra payouts are mistaken by any chance.
  • We have customers with us, using this end to end solution since 2014.
  • Our mobile based application allows anyone & everyone in the purchase cycle to obtain financial loyalty benefits i.e. including the end buyer, retailer, dealer and distributor.
Top Features
  • Personalized Mobile Application
  • Smart Redemption for Customer
  • Tamper Proof & Verifiable Coupons
  • Bulk Encrypted QR generation
  • Custom Inbuilt Dashboard 
  • Multi-Purpose Scheme – Cash/ Points /FOC
  • Inbuilt Quick & Real-Time Redemption through Unique Encrypted QR
  • Quick Mail / SMS notification 
  • Systematic and Comprehensive MIS
MIS Reports
  • Consumption by Distributor / Dealer / Customer
  • Consumption by Product
  • Consumption by Generation
  • Cash Batch Report
  • FOC Batch Report
  • Credit Status Report
  • Scan Report (Day, Time, Date, month and Distributor wise)
  • Coupon Performance Report
  • Distributor/Customer Performance Report
Client Testimonials
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