Production Management System (ERP)

Production management system – is a solution developed by SCUBE for managing and tracking various production and related activities in any manufacturing company.

It is a cloud based application thus any computer or a thin client can get access of it. All it requires is a web browser and account to login.

Every manufacturing house or trading company finds it difficult to manage the entire process flow starting from lead management, quotations, order booking, scheduling jobs, material management, machinery management, packing and delivery of produced goods, tracking at each stage and final payment follow ups and accounting.

Production management system (PMS for short) is developed with the aim to first digitize the process, reduce the time and effort in managing this activities and finally to obtain the most useful information from the daily operations that helps apply intelligence to business.

PMS is secured by enabling only the authorized user to access the modules which they have rights to use. Different hierarchy of users can be created and managed easily by the company.

PMS is developed to support Local networks and via the internet as well. It follows a parent-multiple child networking, where parent server stores all the data, generates backup and also servers the synchronization point for data transfer between several child servers.


Modules of PMS that make use of these setups are: order processing, production tracking, dispatch tracking, back office activities, inwards and outwards, inventory tracking, purchase process, etc.

Supportive modules of PMS are: visitor’s log, wastage tracking, and synchronization among various operating locations.


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