National Academic Depository

National Academic Depository (NAD)

You may be aware that Govt of India has established National Academic Depository (NAD) to facilitate digital issuance, storage, access and verification of academic certificates by Academic Institutions.

This initiative will help all Indian students to receive, store, access their academic records online and authorise access to Employers, foreign Universities etc. for verification purpose through Aadhaar based verification system.

The digital certificate will do away with the present difficulties/inefficiencies of collecting, maintaining and presenting physical paper certificates.

Central Depository Services Limited. (CDSL) has been appointed by University Grants Commission (UGC) as Depository for NAD to perform the above activities. More than 400 academic institutes have so far been part of this journey with us.

Considering the enormity of the task to approach and enrol various stakeholders like large number of academic institutions and potential employers etc, we have appointed M/s. Security Software & Solutions, Mumbai as partner for assisting in the works of NAD in the following areas:

1. Approach to register Academic Institutions and Employers in NAD through CVL.NAD portal.

2. Providing aid to Stakeholders as knowledge partner in the process of collating, uploading, segregation of academic records to facilitate digitalisation.

3. Provide printed Certificates, if required in desired format as per requirement of Academic Institutions.

Academic Institution (AI) grants and issues Awards such as Convocation certificates, Mark sheets, Transfer certificates, Transcripts, Provision certificates, Skill certificates, etc. Such Awards will be held in electronic form in the NAD System which will be available online 24x7.

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